“In terms of price, customer service, and quality – this is the best optometrist within a 10 mile radius of Westwood.”

8/31/2014 – This is the best optometrist in the westwood/west LA area by far. I did a thorough search within a few mile radius and this optometrist office was BY far the cheapest (the second cheapest was about 40% more expensive). I came in for a new eye exam (with contacts) and recieved top of the line service with professionalism and patient care that every healthcare provider should strive for. I notice these things because I am a medical student and know how so many doctors’ offices have severe lapse in customer service. they even adjusted a pair of glasses that i bought from an outside retailer for me!

If you’re looking for an optometrist in the area, i’m going to save you some time and tell you to just choose this one.

“All the staff at Monrose were friendly and explained their pricing system without being pushy. Couldn’t ask for more!”

6/18/2014 – I had an appointment with Dr. Rebecca Delshad yesterday and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I’ve been wearing contacts and glasses for 20 years, and Dr. Delshad is one of the best optometrists I’ve ever had (I’ve had a lot). She was helpful, knowledgeable, and thorough. All the staff at Monrose were friendly and explained their pricing system without being pushy. Couldn’t ask for more!

“A great experience! I’m definitely going to him from now on.”

9/6/2011 – I’m writing this review mainly for the benefit of fellow Bruins (and to reiterate that Dr. Fouladian is a wonderful optometrist). I’ve been going to the eye doctor at Ashe for years (grad student, so I’ve been at UCLA forever). The optometrists there are decent, but you sometimes have to wait over a month to get a simple checkup. On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try Dr. Fouladian. I was hoping to get an appointment within the same week, but he actually had two appointments available on the same day! Already a huge improvement!

Besides this, he was not nearly as rushed as the optometrists in Ashe, and I felt like he was genuinely interested in my life (i.e. the fact that I read A LOT of dictionary entries in tiny print, which is hard on the eyes!) so that he could help me decide what worked best for me.

One last incentive for Bruins (particularly poor grad students such as myself): he matches prices with 1-800-CONTACTS, so his contacts are less expensive than you get at UCLA. His office is close to campus, and using SHIP insurance is not a problem…I just gave him my student number, and I was all set.

And really, he’s just a very pleasant doctor. Even when he’s shining bright lights in your eyes!

“I love them. You feel like a real patient not just a number!”

12/15/2014 – Dr. Fouladian is awesome but his Front Desk staff is equally awesome! He is always kind and willing to accept me. His prices are fair from when I had no vision insurance and now that I do his prices after insurance are amazing.

They special ordered glasses for me after they were out of stock. I love them. You feel like a real patient not just a number!

I highly recommend Dr. Fouladian

“…staff is so pleasant and helpful, and professional.”

9/4/2014 – I have been so lucky to find an amazing eye doctor within walking distance of my home and work. Dr Fouladian is not only caring and kind but is so considerate to your needs. He takes the time to really ask how you have been or make you feel so at ease that you forget you’re at the doctor!

His staff is so pleasant and helpful, and professional. Thank you for that because a good team some days is hard to find. They call as soon as contacts are in so you are not without for too long.

I will forever come to Dr. Fouladian even if I can’t take a 5 minute walk over here.